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The Evolution of Print Media Extinct or Distinct? Embrace Your Inner Dinosaur!

December 1, 2017 (1 year ago) Alastair Gillespie | Posted in Uncategorised

With reports of more community newspapers closing across the country, 22 are reported to close in a consolidation deal between Postmedia and Torstar in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada just this week. The continued perception that print media is dead, or going the way of the dinosaur, continues to be a trendy notion in the minds of business owners looking for effective ways to advertise and brand their business in the future. So is the perception that print media is dead drowning out our true perspective on this issue?

Businesses need a way to let people know they exist and provide information on what they have to offer; why their product or service is superior to that of their competitors, and where to find them. There are several options for them, from radio, TV, print, online and more. The popular notion today is that advertisers can drive their entire business and reach all of their customers online; no need for radio, TV or print. The reality is that, while online is an effective piece of the marketing puzzle, not everyone is advertising there, and you need something externally that will build credibility, and more importantly, top-of-mind awareness. After all, how do we choose from a list of 20 plumbers when we visit Google? Brand recognition is key!

Dailies and other hard news publications suffered when they tried to change their model from the paid hard copy print format to the now free online format. It appeared that these publications felt the need or pressure to go online with a free offering, forgetting that they had writers and staff to pay. No longer was it in the active public realm, but now in the virtual realm where readers had to seek it out.

While this fueled perceptions, it also provided tremendous opportunity for those other non-digital forms of media such as radio, TV, and Coffee News®, even direct mail to help serve the need for those businesses left stranded. Some have characterized it as Dinosaur Marketing. Not a bad characterization when you consider that dinosaurs are big, bold creatures. As a result, CoffeeNews® is becoming an even bigger, more visible player in the advertising marketplace today.

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