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Are you a Spring & Summer business owner? looking for more customers now?

May 18, 2017 (2 years ago) Alastair Gillespie | Posted in Uncategorised

As most people find out by visiting this site, we offer Coffee News in two main ways

Citywide, gets your ad into all 9 area editions, out to 600+ locations and seen by roughly 50,000 weekly readers WOW!!

Alternatively, you can select any of our 9 area editions and book your exclusive category spot for 24 running weeks.

To assist our many seasonal businesses, we can offer two area editions 12 week each, twice the readers in half the time

Take advantage of this to advertise your business, in the editions you wish and block out your competition

Consistent, repetitive, weekly exposure,…………….. at affordable prices

Contact Alastair for details,  204 510 6397

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