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How do we make Coffee News Covid proof ?

August 25, 2020 (9 months ago) Alastair Gillespie | Posted in Uncategorised

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at alternate places for you to pick up and enjoy Coffee News

A number of city Safeway, Co-op Food stores, IGA, Food Fares etc. have kindly allowed us to place the paper in their stores where they have stands available

furthermore, we are having stands made up to add to  into more locations

Having discussed this with a number of advertisers, they like the increased exposure

Currently we are running a citywide edition as we figure out the future

this changes every week, so if yoiu are a reader we hope you will find us in these new locations, if you are a future advertiser,

we hope you see the advantage of greater exposure

You will still find us un some of our regular distrubution spots, and down the road, in more of the places that have traditionally supported us

for further info, contact via site or 204 510 6397….. please stay safe

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Coffee News Winnipeg