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What People are saying…

I really do appreciate receiving Coffee News online during this lockdown.

I always enjoyed reading it in restaurants and since we can’t go there  I can still read it.  JH

  From House Guard House Sitters

 We have used Coffee News on a number of occasions now.  The rates are reasonable,

Alastair is a delight to work with and the ads are effective,

Our only concern is that sometimes the ads    work too well. . .

We look forward to working with Coffee News again in the future.

     A Step Beyond & Associates has been advertised in the Coffee News since 2010.

We streamline the application for our clients to apply for Disability Tax Credit.

Our advertisement has been in the Coffee News year after year, ideally located among other advertisements.

We have received excellent service from Alastair Gillespie in area of ad modification and suggestion how our ad should appear in the Coffee News. Service has been great and our business exposure has been super within and outside the distribution of Coffee News.

This weekly edition is the way to go if you want to identify your business or activity.

I have noticed that people do read my advertisement in the Coffee News because they call and inquire about my service.

Excellent vehicle to expand your business……..  Peter Manastyrsky  (204) 663-4651


Great video… will entice business owners to advertise. Coffee News has been a integral part of promoting and making my Day Spa so successful!

Thanks Alastair!

For organizations with small advertising budget there is no better fit than the Coffee News. 

We get city wide distribution and amazing rates! People read every word of the paper and we get great results. 

Susan Berthiaume

Program Coordinator

Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad Inc.

Child and Youth Care Certificate Training Program

Sandy Borowski
Borowski Health Spa & Store

       Hi Alastair,      this could have been a commercial
      A young man (18-20 ish] walks into my shop armed with a Coffee News under his arm and ask’s to purchase a gift certificate for his hard working Dad’s Birthday gift. They have never been in           my shop and are planning ‘Spa pkg’s for Christmas gifts as well.
How do you like em apples ?.
I had to tell you about this and Thank you. I have received so many new clients because of Coffee News.
p.s. please don’t increase my great rate because of the $$$$ I am making …lol..!
        (Alastair’s note:- I did not increase rates! )

Dear Alastair, I have had my ad running in your Coffee News for over 2 months. I am very pleased with the positive response that my ad has received. It has generated many new contacts and prospective clients.
You were very knowledgeable and helpful in suggesting possible ad layouts and you took the time to research my business in order to help me convey a concise message. Thanks again Alastair. I look forward to future dealings with Coffee News.
Best regards,
Marc Lessard

 Alastair, I am very pleased to give you feedback on the effectiveness of advertising through your Coffee News.
I had previously been advised that submissions can only be featured in your What’s Happening section when numbers and space will permit. Once again, you graced our request by featuring the advertising for the peer support group, Beginning Experience, in your March 28-April 3 issue. This was to broadcast the April 8th start date for the Levels peer support for those who are separated, divorced or widowed. Our call line monitor has advised that there have been at least 26 calls in just the last few days.

Thank you for your assistance in the promotion of this ministry for all those whose can benefit by this service.


Before advertising in the Coffee News,I was a little bit hesitant on whether or not the ad was going to work. The uncertainty of “comfort” zone, but I believe in trying new things. We ran the ad for one month, and the response has been wonderful.
I have interviewed ten people, who had no clue as to who we are, and hired three.
Coffee News definitely works and I’m glad we signed on.

Andy Russo
Human Resource Manager
Pulford Community Living Services Inc.

Hello Alastair:
I just thought I would drop you a quick note to tell you how thrilled we are with the results of our COFFEE NEWS ADS. As you know, we started using Coffee News in April this year, mostly on a test basis to allow us to evaluate results. The first month was so successful we opted to extend the ad for the entire summer. In May our results we even better than April and it just keeps rolling.
What is even more significant, we have closed new business which was initiated by the Coffee News ad. This new business would not have been possible using our traditional advertising approach. Thanks to Coffee News, we have opened a new source of customers, and the price is right, too.

Best regards,

Just a quick note to say Thank you.
Our transition, after 5 years at Meadowood Drive in St Vital, to the Grant Park Shopping Centre went relatively well despite the small hiccups one encounters in such an endeavour.
I must admit the response from our ads in the Coffee News were beyond all expectations. Well wishes from our loyal client base to a host of new customers. All, I might add, very happy with the new location.
More importantly I would like to thank you for the professionalism exhibited by yourself and your enthusiastic co-workers.

Paul Rodgers
President, Simmons Mattress Gallery

Advertising in Coffee News generated many quality leads for our event and it also provided a great platform to announce our show to the women of Winnipeg. I would recommend Coffee News to any company who needs to get the word out about their product or service in the Winnipeg area. Keep up the good work…

Shelley Whyte   Winnipeg’s Ultimate Women’s Show

“I was one of Jean Daums’ first customer’s way back in the early 80’s. Coffee News was the only advertising we did for a new idea I had for my business. It worked great. To this day, I advise businesses that ask for my opinion to try Coffee News. It is very affordable for small business and gets results. Keep up the good work!”

Carolyn Zimmerman
Ladies Who Launch

Thanks again for placing that information for us in the What’s Happening Section. The event (Opportunity Fair for Former Street Involved-Adults)was successful and a there were quite a few people who said they saw it in the Coffee News.

H. Hartry
Organizing Committee

“I just wanted to write and thank you for your help in my advertising ventures. You were very friendly and helpful when it came to explaining how things were done. I look forward to working with you now and in the future.”

Paul Marcoux
“Murray Chevrolet Hummer, Sales & Leasing Professional”


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