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Have a Winnipeg business trying to decide how to advertise?

January 17, 2018 (2 years ago) Alastair Gillespie | Posted in Uncategorised

If you are a small business looking for more exposure for your business, take a look at Coffee News

As only the advertiser knows how well the ads we run did, we get you outy there week after week,

but cannot control reader response, si I get excited when advertisers renew their run, ….I know its working

A long term advertiser sent me this

For organizations with small advertising budget there is no better fit than the Coffee News. 

We get city wide distribution and amazing rates! People read every word of the paper and we get great results. 

Thank you Susan. This month alone we have five returning seasonal advertisers, so perhaps coffee news can work for you

Competitive repetitive exposure at reasonable rates is what we are all about!

Please watch this video and visit our contact page or call 204 510 6397

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Great video... will entice business owners to advertise. Coffee News has been a integral part of promoting and making my Day Spa so successful! Thanks Alastair! Sandy Borowski Borowski Health Spa & Store

Coffee News Winnipeg